Your Pet’s Home Away
From Home!

We offer a safe, clean and comfortable environment for every pet boarded with us.

Day Care $22 (discounted packages available)

Boarding For Dogs $45 per night

10% Off 30 Day Stay Or Longer

Cats $22.00 per night

8′ 15′ & 20′ foot runs are available. The 8 Foot runs are indoors for our small guests. The 15 and 20 Foot runs are indoor/ outdoor covered/protected from the elements. All runs have heated sleeping areas.

We have 5 different play yards.  We group dogs by size and temperament to ensure safe, compatible play.

Please inform the kennel staff (prior to or during check in) of any medical needs, uncommon behavior, and/or personality issues your pet may have so that we can continue to provide the best care possible. Feel free to bring items from home to help make your pet’s stay more comfortable: beds or blankets (Please try to bring bedding that is machine washable).

We provide a Lamb and Rice Diet. However, you may bring your pets own food. We feed twice a day, so we can accommodate your pet’s eating schedule.

Please note: We do NOT charge extra for feeding the food or treats you bring for your pet, or for administering medications and supplements. We do, however, require the medication name, dosage, what the medication is being given for, and clear instructions on administering the medication.


520 Giuffrida Ave

San Jose CA 95123

Near Blossom Hill & Snell


(408) 281-1965